current addiction: spoken word.

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background: i’ve always enjoyed the art of spoken word. the way words can be crafted and performed in manners that really enlighten and move people is definitely something to be in awe of. now the craft in of itself is already something that moves me, but pair that with young people being the artists behind this and i am truly inspired. i attended the youth speaks poetry slam finals last sunday evening and wow. it’s difficult to describe the event and its effects in words, but here’s an attempt. the overwhelmingly positive energy is contagious. it’s young people who have experienced a world of hurt and endless tribulations and are turning them into lessons learned and using them as steps to help them grow as people. it is ridiculously awe-inspiring to hear them talk about everything from abuse and drugs to internalized racism and intelligently discuss political matters and social injustice. they are amazing human beings.

cravings: intelligent thoughts and inspiring youth.

repercussions: the desire to do more and be more.

treatment: volunteer with organizations like youth speaks. attend poetry slam nights at local cafes.


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current addiction: theatre.

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background: grease has always been one of my favorite musicals. it was made when hollywood folks could do it all – act, sing and dance – and well. it’s olivia newton john & john travolta at their finest. the storyline is fun, the songs grab you, the costumes are beautiful and the people aren’t too shabby looking. it’s just one of those movies that lift your spirits and put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. i love it. and to this day, i still wish i could travel back to the late 50s to attend a snazzy little dance competition, catch a drive-in movie & play at a carnival like the ones they had back in the day. anyone willing & able to build me a time machine? i will pay – in fruit, candy and homemade meals straight from my mother’s stove to your dinner table.

cravings: catchy songs, fun outfits and playtime in the 50s.

repercussions: the urge to sing we go together [like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong].

treatment: catch the grease show tonight at the golden gate theatre.

sponsor: my kindred spirit jenn who supplies me with show tickets & delish vegan cookies.

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current addiction: being upset with our healthcare system.

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background: a close friend of mine recently had to pay a visit to the hospital due to failing kidneys. she was basically told that her organs are barely functioning and she will need to undergo a transplant. luckily, she has a sister that is healthy & willing. since she’s been discharged from the hospital more than a month ago, she’s only had one check up that took place today which consisted of initial training for the transplant and extraction of 15 vials of blood. the doctors have yet to schedule a date for the transfer and have allocated at least another month before her sister is approved both financially and physically. this is at ucsf – one of the top 10 hospitals in the country. i don’t really get how they can make the direness of the situation known, yet have no real course of action for more than two months. is this right? moral? are our hospitals truly that busy? and if so, why? and what can we do to remedy this situation?

cravings: good care in a timely manner.

repercussions: delayed medical attention & high hospital bills which lead to higher blood pressure which results in return trips to the hospital. endless cycle of frustration.

treatment: our country’s healthcare system shapes up. move to canada or europe.

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current addiction: camping.

April 8, 2009 at 5:08 AM (Uncategorized) ()

background: i grew up camping several times a year and absolutely loved being outdoors – the ability to get away from the constant movement of the city and reconnect with the great outdoors. star gazing. cooking over the fireplace. hiking. roasting marshmallows. i loved it all. but post-middle school, i went maybe only a handful of times. last month, i was invited to a weekend camping trip to sunset state beach and obviously jumped at the chance. since then, i have been obsessed. being away from the stress of everyday life and spending the days on the beach and evenings below the star-filled sky was amazing. so ridiculously relaxing. it clears your head like nothing else. and boy – marshmallows roasted over an open campfire have got to be the most delicious little fluffs of heaven ever.

cravings: peace of mind, breathing in fresh morning air, stars to stare at throughout the night, marshmallows with a crispy shell and melted center.

repercussions: hundreds of dollars allocated to purchasing new camping gear – tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, coolers, etc.

treatment: camping trip scheduled for april 17 – 20 at big basin redwoods.

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