current addiction: tennis.

May 20, 2009 at 2:30 PM (Uncategorized) ()

background: purchased a new tennis racquet at sports basement the other day and have been having a great time breaking it in. growing up playing sports since the moment i could walk has definitely helped me live a pretty healthy lifestyle. and it’s all just so ridiculously fun. volleyball in high school. yoga & running in college. but after i graduated from college and started working full time, it’s definitely been a struggle balancing it all. picking up tennis again is definitely a step in the right direction though. it’ll be nice to regain some of the energy i’ve lost over the past two years. i’m super excited to get back in shape. especially since summer is rapidly approaching.

cravings: the endorphins that rush through my brain when working out. the great feeling of living a healthy lifestyle.

repercussions: tennis elbow.

treatment: regualar tennis matches at my favorite courts in russian hill, overlooking my beautiful city.


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  1. couldihavebeen said,

    please do a post on snowboarding soon.

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