current addiction: european fashion

January 12, 2010 at 8:58 PM (Uncategorized)

background: i’ve always loved how fashions from paris, milan and london are so much daring and extravagant than what’s offered here in the states. i feel as though europeans are more willing to put themselves out there and fashion is just that much more of an expressive art for them. every single time i’ve gone to europe and visited the boutiques and shops, i can’t help but give in to every beautifully crafted temptation. dammit – i just can’t resist! everything is just so damn stunning!!

cravings: runway shows at london fashion week and new york fashion week. weekend trips to the shops in paris, london and milan.

repercussions: with the exchange rates, le bank account suffers when purchasing abroad.

treatment: plan a euro trip for 2010/2011.


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