current addiction: cute little balls of fluff. everywhere i turn.

March 2, 2010 at 4:42 PM (Uncategorized)

background: as mentioned in an earlier post, i’ve always been an animal lover. but it wasn’t until i found my little coco chanel aka cocolicious, did i become obsessed. i’ve become someone that watches the famous shiba inu puppies. c’mon now – have you ever in your life seen anything more adorable than these little pups [other than my baby of course]?! now on a sadder note [yes, there’s something sadder than watching puppycams], james and i made our usual petsmart run for coco’s bully sticks and food over the weekend and met this couple – laura and bill madaras – who drive down to southern california to rescue puppies from shelters in high-euthanization areas. bill told us that some of these pups are only given a mere 3 days to be adopted due to an extreme lack of funds and resources. it was so sad to see these incredibly beautiful puppies in cages just begging to be taken into a good home. there was one in particular – dino – a little maltese dachshund that just broke my heart. while the other pups were a bit rowdy, this one was just lying down peacefully on his bed giving me those sad, yearning eyes. oh if only i had a larger place to take him home to…

cravings: scenes of le pups wrestling and bummbling around. acres and acres of land to fill with the world’s unwanted puppies.

repercussions: pangs of sadness and guilt when i see pups in need of adopted parents.

treatment: big bear hugs with my coco. encourage you to adopt a pet from organizations that take in pups from high-euthanization shelters.



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