current addiction: meeting interesting people

July 27, 2010 at 8:52 PM (Uncategorized)

background: there are so many interesting people in this world that i can’t possibly meet them all. but i can try, right? with my short attention span and low tolerance for boring people, everyone knows i’m quite the elitist when it comes to sharing and investing my time in others. (my willingness to invest in animals is a bit less stringent, as i love them all!) but once you win me over, you’ve got me hooked for life – blame the addictive personality. now when i say “interesting,” it’s not what most of you would think – you don’t need to have traveled around the world and saved an endangered species from becoming extinct (although those would be awesome stories); you simply have to have an opinion, a pure heart and be passionate about something or another – and if you can share that in a brilliantly witty way, more kudos to ya. that’s not too much to ask for is it? in my 20+ years of life on this earth so far, i’ve been lucky enough to meet amazingly fabulous people who know what they want out of life and aren’t afraid to go after it, people who see injustices in the world and take action, people who dream big and work hard to achieve their goals. and i love love love it.

cravings: conversations that suck me in and either keep me laughing or get me thinking. people that inspire me to be better and do more.

repercussions: the stretching of my brain and heart.

treatment: hear your story. and then maybe five more. make sure it’s a good one!


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