background: i grew up camping several times a year and absolutely loved being outdoors – the ability to get away from the constant movement of the city and reconnect with the great outdoors. star gazing. cooking over the fireplace. hiking. roasting marshmallows. i loved it all. but post-middle school, i went maybe only a handful of times. last month, i was invited to a weekend camping trip to sunset state beach and obviously jumped at the chance. since then, i have been obsessed. being away from the stress of everyday life and spending the days on the beach and evenings below the star-filled sky was amazing. so ridiculously relaxing. it clears your head like nothing else. and boy – marshmallows roasted over an open campfire have got to be the most delicious little fluffs of heaven ever.

cravings: peace of mind, breathing in fresh morning air, stars to stare at throughout the night, marshmallows with a crispy shell and melted center.

repercussions: hundreds of dollars allocated to purchasing new camping gear – tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, coolers, etc.

treatment: camping trip scheduled for april 17 – 20 at big basin redwoods.