current addiction: coco.

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background: i love animals – no question about it. always have, always will. all types. well except pigeons and seagulls of course – those annoyingly gross rats with wings. growing up, we had a few pets in the family, but none that i would call my own. for the past few months, i’ve been really wanting to get a puppy. and after seeing a picture of my little coco [chanel], i fell in love and couldn’t wait to bring her home. she was the most adorable little pomeranian chihuahua i ever laid eyes on. when i went to pick her up, she got so excited she peed on me. hahah. ohboy – i should’ve known then that i had a super pee-er on my hands. but i definitely did fall in love with her right away. she was not only ridiculously cute, but super sweet and playful. that’s what’s so amazing about puppies – the unconditional love they have for their owners. i call her my little human b/c she’s always bouncing around on her hind legs and sleeps on her back – like a little human.  🙂

while i’ve only had her for a month now, it’s probably been the longest month of my life. you see – miss coco caught parvo, a deathly virus that has no cure b/c it continuously mutates every few years. thank god the vets at all animals emergency hospital & irving street pet hospital were able to treat her symptoms and helped me nurse her back to health. now she’s back to her hyperactive self and i have her scheduled to start all of her vaccinations next week. then she’ll no longer be under house arrest and can go out and enjoy her runs around the park again. i know she must miss them. and i know it’s probably a bad habit for her to have, but i do let her sleep on my bed at night. i feel that after all she’s been through the past month, she deserves it. and as long as she remembers that she can’t pee on mama’s bed, she can stay.

cravings: to see coco happy and healthy and enjoying life. and potty trained.

repercussions: complete abandonment of the social life. no longer can i be the free social butterfly jumping from one happy hour to another, one function to another. as soon as i can leave work, i have to rush home to check up on my little baby. being in a perpetual state of worry for another life. her life is in my hands – i’m responsible for her happiness and health. it’s huge. but i’m more than happy to take it on. she’s lucky i love her. because boy, is she a handful.

treatment: quality time with my little baby after work and on the weekends.

photographic evidence:

the picture that sold me.

the picture that sold me.

week one.

week one - before she peed all over the bed and i had to throw it away.

week two - the lazy bumm.

week two - the lazy bumm.


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