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background: okay – i know. it’s been a number of weeks since my yosemite trip, so this post is a tad bit late. but – better late than never ya? so here goes – i joined a large group of friends on a weekend excursion in yosemite recently and ohwow – it was probably one of the most amazing camping trips i’ve ever experienced in my life. we drove over friday night and as we were entering the park, we looked up and the sky was just absolutely breathtaking. you could literally see the milky way and trillions of sparkling stars. i could not believe how ridiculously gorgeous it was. we were the last vehicle to arrive, so we pitched our tent quite quickly with much help from the lovely richard and crashed. a few hours later, we woke up to prepare for our hike. the majority of the group ventured off to conquer half dome, but james, richard, alexis and i took the panorama trail instead. our approximately 10 mile hike [due to numerous detours] was out of control. the highlights were looking down into the valley from panorama point, playing in three different waterfalls and seeing a million baby squirrels and lizards. and of course, the wonderful company truly made our hike a great experience. everybody was so open to everything and didn’t complain one bit. finally making it back to the campsite was like making it back home after being out of the country for a year. it was so nice to get out of our dirty clothes, pop open a few beers and start prepping for dinner. james seriously made about the most amazingly delicious chili i have ever had the pleasure of tasting. it was just out of control perfect. it was a nice night of good food, drinks and merriment. the next day was definitely one of relaxation. the entire group went off to another mini waterfall and played in the water all day long. it was a perfect ending to the weekend. oh nature – you are so insanely gorgeous and just never cease to amaze me with what you can do with a few rocks and some water.

cravings: staring down into the vast valley full of crazy rocks. playing in the amazingly gorgeous waterfalls. staring up at a dark sky completely blanketed with stars. james’ chili.

repercussions: 10 mile hikes leave this out of shaper in some serious pain – i did not leave the bed for a full day b/c i felt like an 89 year old grandma. damn rusty joints.

treatment: a quadruple date weekend trip to the valley in a few weeks. and for this hike, i promise to sufficiently stretch before & after, as well as bring enough water. i cannot wait!!


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